An Injury Lawyer in West Palm Beach Discusses Additional Costs

Building, preparing, and winning a personal injury case costs money. Other than attorneys’ fees you should anticipate spending money on expert reports and other expenses. An injury lawyer in West Palm Beach can tell you attorneys’ fees factor in the cost of office expenses such as office work, files and leases along with your counsel’s time and expertise.

Other Fees
Personal Injury Lawyer

Besides these fees, there are other costs related to your case. You may be required to pay for any reports that are written up by physicians or experts. Copies of these reports range in cost. An injury attorney in West Palm Beach also can explain that you will end up footing the bills for the numerous copies of documents that insurance companies require. These may include copies of medical bills and reports, earnings statements and accident reports. Typically, you are charged per page.

An injury lawyer in West Palm Beach also can tell you attorneys can charge you for long distance phone calls and any photographs that were taken and developed for your case. Keep in mind that photos are crucial to a personal injury case. There also will be additional costs if your case ends up in lawsuit or litigation.

Contingent and Non-Contingent Attorneys’ Fees

Whether you win or lose, you are responsible for all costs related to your case. An injury lawyer in West Palm Beach can explain though lawyers’ fees are contingent upon a case’s successful resolution, the other additional costs are not. Some lawyers may even ask you to pay some costs as your case moves. Law offices don’t like to bankroll personal injury cases because it is not financially workable.

Contact an Injury Lawyer in West Palm Beach for Assistance

Out-of-pocket expenses are not contingent on a case’s successful resolution. If you are involved in a personal injury case, you may be able to gain compensation for your medical costs, loss of income while recuperating, pain, suffering and more. If you have questions or need legal assistance with your case, contact Stephen J. Press, an injury attorney in West Palm Beach, at 561-833-2772.