Declining Value of Your Case

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Declining Value of Your Case

One of the questions that your West Palm Beach personal injury attorney expects to hear is what the value of your claim is. There are certain aspects of your case that can increase the value of your claim, such as clear liability and witness testimony that can help bolster your side of the case. However, there are factors that can cause the value of your claim to be reduced.

Attorney’s Track Record

If a claims adjuster acquires knowledge that an accident victim has retained a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney, the adjuster will attempt to learn about the attorney’s track record. If the West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer took years to settle a case, received only low settlements from previous cases or had jury verdicts for the defendant, the adjuster may use this negative history to decrease the value of your case. Additionally, the adjuster may try to use this type of information to convince the victim that he or she should settle the case now for a portion of its value to save the cost of hiring an attorney.

Consequential Damages

Another way that an adjuster may attempt to decrease the value of a claim is by blaming the victim for damages that resulted. For example, if the victim’s vehicle was left at the scene of the accident and it was later vandalized, the adjuster may say that the victim is responsible for these damages.

Slow mitigation efforts

A claims adjuster may also claim that a personal injury victim did not quickly mitigate his or her damages. For example, he or she may say that the victim did not seek medical attention quickly enough. Therefore, the insurance company may claim that it is not responsible for the claimant’s injuries because they worsened due to the delay in seeking medical treatment.

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