High Asset Divorce

West Palm Beach High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

If you are an individual with issues involving higher assets, your divorce case will involve complex and often unique financial issues. Florida law requires the court to determine an equitable division of assets. An attorney with extensive experience in high asset divorce cases is essential for clients who require the protection of their hard-earned investments, businesses and real estate.

The law offices of West Palm Beach High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Stephen J. Press provides highly experienced professionally skilled services in high asset divorce cases throughout the greater West Palm Beach area. As a Florida legislator, Mr. Press sponsored the law that governs the equitable division of assets that the court must follow in every divorce case. Having over four decades experience, our office is prepared and determined to protect the assets of affluent individuals. With our extensive experience we carefully and sensitively handle each case with the often unique facts that our present in high asset cases.

Protecting your interests is our goal

The nature of protecting high income earners and marital assets often involves unique issues such as the valuation of significant assets not normally found in real estate and personal possessions. There are complex formulas for determining the fair market value of the business that must be considered. The law offices of West Palm Beach High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Stephen J. Press is experienced in handling the division of complex assets including:

  • Business corporations and professional practices valuation;
  • Retirement accounts including pensions (private and federal) 401(K)s and IRA
  • Stock and stock options;
  • Income earned from non-marital assets;
  • Gifts and inheritance received while married;
  • Other non-marital assets
Professional resources

The goal of West Palm Beach High Asset Divorce attorney Stephen J. Press, as usual, is to provide professional excellence to all our clients. High asset cases may sometimes require the utilization of other professionals including forensic accountants, tax professionals and estate planning professionals. These professionals are often crucial to the discovery of hidden assets and to an accurate determination of income of high income earners. In making decisions concerning utilization of professional resources we always consult with our clients to determine clearly defined goals and the proper and efficient utilization of these resources. We fully understand that all of our clients have limited resources and and we will carefully consider our clients wishes before retaining other professionals. We will not hesitate to provide aggressive representation when necessary while at the same time be prepared to negotiate and mediate when those avenues are open.

At all times, we will thoroughly discuss the issues in your case with you and keep you informed with the progress of your case. We highly value your trust in our representation. Before we proceed, in your behalf, you will understand and be in full agreement with the strategy involved and the potential costs to achieve the desired results.

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The law offices of West Palm Beach High Asset Divorce attorney Stephen J. Press has a reputation for and strives for professional excellence in high asset cases. Please contact us for an appointment by calling 561-833-2772 or contact us online.