How Defense Lawyers and Adjusters Will Deal With Weaknesses in Pesronal Injury Cases

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Your personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach will explain what defense lawyers will do to find weaknesses in your case.

How Defense Lawyers Will Find Case Weaknesses Adjusters Might Have Missed

During the negotiation process with the adjuster, your lawyer has control over the information that the adjuster gets. As litigation proceeds, the defense lawyer will look more deeply into the case details to look for weak points. Formal discovery will allow the scrutinizing of medical records, deposition records and other information that can show weaknesses. Examples are injuries that were suffered prior to this incident, the use of alcohol at the time of the accident, past criminal offenses and injuries that are of the soft tissue variety. The case can get much weaker after the suit is filed. It is imperative that you are fully honest with your lawyer to ensure that a proper strategy is employed in trying to get a maximum amount. If there are weak areas in the case, it might be preferable for your lawyer to try and settle it before it moves to litigation.

The Settlement Amount Could Be Reduced If the Adjuster Is Aware of Weaknesses

With weaknesses in the case that the adjuster is aware of, there will be a commensurate reduction in the settlement offer. With major weaknesses, it is imperative that you and your attorney think about them while negotiating a settlement. The adjuster might offer a very small amount to settle the case. A good personal injury lawyer will understand the nuance between the settlement process, when to hold out and when to move forward with the lawsuit.

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