Personal Injury

West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

The Law offices of Stephen J. Press represent individuals who have suffered significant personal injuries as a result of the negligence of others. If you have been in an automobile accident, slip and fall or other type of accident, the Law offices of Stephen J press is ready to protect your rights. We only represent the injured and never represent insurance companies. We will thoroughly review your case and proceed in a professional and efficient manner. You only pay us the when we recover money damages in your behalf. Almost all of our cases are on a contingent fee basis.

If you should be in an accident, it is important that you only talk to the police. You should only give a statement to your insurance company and not the other party’s insurance company without consulting an attorney.

Auto Accident Claims in Florida

No-Fault Insurance

  • When you're involved in an auto accident in Florida, your personal injury protection (P I P) will cover 80% of your medical bills up to $10,000. This coverage will apply whether you are at fault or not.
  • However, in order to make a successful claim against the other driver was negligent, must have suffered a permanent injury.
  • You have a duty to cooperate with you on insurance company involved mom likes. You should never talk to the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting with an attorney.
  • It is important to have uninsured or underinsured coverage under your automobile insurance policy. If you have an accident with an insured motor vehicle or one that has insurance but not enough to cover your damages, you can make a claim against your own insurance company.

The Law offices of Stephen J. Press have handled personal-injury cases in the West Palm Beach area for over 38 years. If you have suffered personal injury as the result of somebody's negligence please contact our office at 561-833-2772 for a free consultation contact us online.