Royal Palm Beach, Florida

The village of Royal Palm Beach is located in West Central Palm Beach County, Florida. The population was measured at 31,864 as of April 2008. Although Royal Palm Beach has the word.” Beach" in its name, it is actually located approximately 15 miles in land from the Atlantic Ocean and is a learned locked municipality. The village is known for its many parks and has as its mission to protect green space. It recently acquired 190 acres to create a master Central Park development that would be preserved as a passive bird watching and nature park. Although the village of oil Palm Beach is located within one of America's largest counties. It maintains its small-town atmosphere, family living and culture.

The geographical area that is now Royal Palm Beach , was once a Seminole tribe hunting ground. The village was incorporated on June 18, 1959, and became the USA's fastest-growing community (in its size category). In the 1980s, Village government was initially ruled though developer appointed council later was popularly elected in 1964. The village has experienced extremely rapid growth and developed schools for children, police and fire departments to modern hospitals with associated medical office complexes.The median income for a household in the Royal Palm Beach is $54,766.00.

The residents of Royal Palm Beach are served by the central County Courthouse located in downtown West Palm Beach. Probate, divorce and family cases as well as criminal cases are handled by the Circuit and County courts. The Law offices of Stephen J. Press routinely represent people in divorce, family law and probate cases in the central County Courthouse.

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