What Happens to the Responsible Party?

Overdue Bills

After you have an accident, the first legal step in resolving the case is that the responsible party will get a call or letter from an insurance company. The claims adjuster assigned to the case will take statements from the responsible party or company representative (if your case is against an organization). Neither you nor your injury attorney in West Palm Beach need to be involved at this stage.

Any statements or reports given are very likely to be recorded, and copies of written transcripts may be made. This concludes the insurance company’s initial investigation, and they usually don’t contact the tortfeaors (responsible parties) again. There are, however, exceptions in which an injury lawyer in West Palm Beach may have to be involved.


The insurance company may continue with their investigation in cases of medical malpractice. In these cases, the doctor, hospital or healthcare practitioner that caused you harm is likely to have their own injury attorney in West Palm Beach. In other cases, the responsible parties are probably just going about their lives, anticipating that they won’t need to be involved further for the case to be settled.

Troublesome Cases

Sometimes, cases do not settle easily and you need an injury lawyer in West Palm Beach to litigate (bring a lawsuit) against the responsible party, their insurance company or both. When this happens, the insurance company will almost always have to contact the responsible party again and get them involved in resolving the case.

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