Will the Insurer Settle My Injury Claim?

A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach is often asked the question, “Will the insurer settle my claim?” We’ve all heard about insurers making large payouts to avoid trial, but these instances are the exception, not the rule.

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Insurers Are Not Afraid of Going to Court

Most personal injury claims that make it to court are worth thousands of dollars, not millions. Insurers know that even if they lose these claims in court, they’re not going to lose that much money.

The risk they incur is fairly low, and although it is more expensive to defend a claim than to settle it, there are various reasons an insurer might prefer to take a claim to court. Some of these reasons aren’t even related to the relative merits of your claim.

Leverage for Late Settlement

While it is true that insurers prefer not to go to court, claimants often feel the same way. By preparing for trial, the insurer’s attorney increases his leverage if settlement negotiations stretch on until the eve of trial.

Appearing Tough for Future Negotiations

If insurance lawyers don’t take a claim to trial every so often, they can appear weak. Future claimants will think that they will agree to any outrageous demand and may bring cases that are frivolous.

Even if your case is strong, a lawyer might be overdue for a trial. This can result in him taking an unreasonably hard-line approach when negotiating with your personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach.

Adjusters Need to Justify Payouts

Insurance adjusters prefer to close claim files, but just as you are accountable to your boss at work, so are they.

You will find many adjusters who are willing to settle a strong claim for a reasonable amount, but few that are willing to pay just to get the work off their desks.

Also remember that sending a claim to trial doesn’t create more work for the adjuster. He will simply hand off your file to the defense attorney, who will do most of the heavy lifting.

Personal Injury Attorney in West Palm Beach Discusses How to Increase Your Chances of Settlement

One of the best ways to increase your chances of settlement is to prepare strong evidence in favor of your claim. If you can present this information to the adjuster, he will realize that you are likely to win at trial and will be more willing to negotiate.

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