West Palm Beach Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Photo of Lawyer Stephen J. Press Divorce and family law issues are often emotionally charged and can affect the entire family. Whether you are considering a divorce or have child custody and alimony concerns it is important to be represented with a highly experienced and professional attorney with an impressive record.

The law offices of Stephen J. Press has been representing, advising and counseling clients in the greater West Palm Beach area and throughout Palm Beach County and Florida for four decades. His office specializes in divorce and family law and also handles probate and estate planning, civil litigation, personal injury, and trial practice. Mr. Press is a fighter for the rights of his clients and has represented his clients in both State and Federal Court. He has successfully brought cases for individuals as well as class actions to reform the law in Florida.

West Palm Beach family law lawyer, Stephen J. Press, represents his clients with care and compassion and realizes the importance of constant and prompt communication: Our highly experienced and professional staff works closely with our clients to advise and counsel them through the many requirements of a divorce and family law case. You can trust us to protect your rights with professional excellence.

As an experienced West Palm Beach divorce lawyer, Mr. Press is very aware that a dissolution of marriage case is very difficult for both spouses and their children. Our West Palm Beach Family Law Office will address the family's interrelated legal and non-legal problems to produce a result that eases the family into post divorce life. Mr. Press realizes that the litigation process is difficult for the parties and the family, and with this in mind, our West Palm Beach divorce attorney will utilize our strong and experienced skills to empower parties and families to resolve their own disputes rather than resort to the courts to make decisions for them. However, when necessary we will use our well-honed advocacy skills to reach a successful outcome by the court.

Since 1972, Mr. Press has litigated civil and family matters throughout Palm Beach County and the State of Florida. Mr. Press's legal practice is situated in West Palm Beach, Florida and he represents clients in the surrounding counties of Martin and Broword County, representing individuals and families in divorce and family law, probate and guardianship, civil litigation and personal injury.

Mr. Press served in the Florida Legislature from 1982–1992 and chaired the committee that considered the new divorce and family laws that were enacted. Mr. Press sponsored the bill that established equitable distribution of assets and liabilities in Florida. This law is now a core concept in Florida divorce cases. Mr. Press received numerous awards for his untiring fight for the rights of children and families.

Whether your case is a high asset case or one of modest financial issues, we will give your matter the same attention to detail. We handle all post judgement matters including modification of custody, time sharing, alimony and child support

We will aggressively enforce your final judgements and orders to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Mr. Press is an expert at navigating our very complex judicial system.

Personal Injury in West Palm Beach, Florida

Personal injury accidents take many forms, but the common factor is proving negligence. In essence, it must be established that the defendant owed a duty of care, and that this care was breached through negligence resulting in the injury accident; in other words, the defendant’s action or inaction were the major cause of the accident. Often clients share a degree of responsibility. This is called contributory negligence. For instance, a client may have been driving over the speed limit when the defendant suddenly turned in front of him. While speed may be a factor, the greater degree of fault may be with the defendant. A client who shares some culpability may in many cases still be able to recover damages. It should be noted that Florida is a no-fault state, and laws regulating the recovery of damages are complex.

When you first meet with Mr. Press he will assess your situation by asking you questions, and then conduct an investigation. This will include obtaining the police and medical reports, interviewing witnesses, and perhaps visiting the scene of the accident. How a case proceeds from this point varies depending upon the specifics; however, Mr. Press will keep you up to speed on the progress of your case.

Protect Your Rights With Professional Excellence

Protecting your rights with professional excellence is something we take very seriously. The outcome of a divorce and family case can affect you for a lifetime. Your parental relationship may be at stake as well as your financial well-being. West Palm Beach divorce lawyer Stephen J. Press takes pride in providing legal representation in a professionally competent, assertive and compassionate way. We strive to handle your case in the most efficient and least costly manner.

Our commitment is to provide you with excellent, compassionate service, and top quality professional legal representation in a timely and efficient manner. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you through every step of the process and we take pride in our goal to maintain prompt communication with you at all times.

Please contact our office by calling (561) 833-2772 or filling out our online contact form for a free consultation and we will schedule a convenient time for you and your family.